Thought #1 on baseball: Throw at the butt

I turned on the television today after getting the boys down for their nap and the first thing I see is this…


If you watch the replay, it genuinely looks like the ball got away from Samardzija.

Sure. Konerko hit a two run homer off of Samardzija in a previous inning, but…

But, just a few innings later Sox pitcher Humber threw a ball behind Cubs first baseman Bryan LaHair. It looked like the ball was intended for LaHair’s head. He ducked it and the ball sailed over his head. The umpire warned both benches.

After the Cubs lost (boo) Samardzija made sure folks knew he wasn’t throwing at Konerko. However, you don’t need a news report to know the pitch by Humber was intentional.

Typically, I’m all for baseball, getting even and the like, but Humber’s pitch was around the head.

Last year, Marlon Byrd took a pitch in the face at Fenway. He was out most of the year, but, the pitch wasn’t intentional. Pitches sometimes get away from pitchers. I fact, Byrd is now playing for Boston.

The point is, baseball isn’t real life. Last time I checked, I couldn’t throw a 90 mile an hour at my boss’ head when I’m pissed. So, let’s keep it nice out there boys. If you’ve got to get even, throw at the guy’s butt. Everyone’s safer.

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